You Were Made For More


“You were made for more.”


What do you feel inside when you hear that phrase? 


Maybe it makes you smile. 


Maybe it creates overwhelm because you can’t handle the thought of “more” being added to your plate.


Whatever your reaction, it’s true. You were made for more than a life of survival on this earth.


Whatever else may be true of your life, you were created with a specific purpose. 


“More” means something different to each one of us. 


“More” may mean traveling the world…having a mission to touch others in faraway places. “More” may mean raising a child or grandchild in the way that only you can. “More” may mean using your creativity to touch the hearts of others.


For far too many of us, we never get curious about what the “more” is. We just know there is a nagging sense of something missing.


For so many years, I tried to outrun this sense of “more.” I created my own definition for it…more stuff, more money, more of what the neighbors had. 


I knew deep down that there was something missing and that if I stopped and asked for guidance, I could discover what it was. But there was a lot of fear surrounding this too. If I asked about my “more”, I may be asked to do too much. I may not have the energy or resources. What if my “more” meant I had to sell of my possessions and be a missionary in some remote place, away from friends and family?


And so I stayed away from asking, worried that I may hear whispers that I was not enough, and that guilt may overtake me.


Instead I just got used to chasing … not even really sure what I was chasing. Just trying to stay ahead of the nagging voice. I got really good at staying busy and distracted. Until I couldn’t stay busy anymore and I was forced to slow down for my health.


In that place of exhaustion, I finally started searching out my “more.” And instead of it overwhelming me, it freed me.


You see, there are two voices that tell us “more.” One tells us that we need to BE more. The other tells us to be AWARE of more. 


And as I put more focus on the second voice, I began to see how much of my true self was buried under everyday life. And this voice didn’t tell me that I wasn’t being or doing enough. Instead it told me that I could let the chasing go, so I could accept my “more.”


Do you find yourself feeling this tug of “more” on your heart? 


It’s time to get curious. Start seeking out your “more” so you can stop chasing the things of life that overwhelm and exhaust you and open yourself up to what is true in your heart. Your “more” will bring you true satisfaction and fulfillment.  


Your guide in this process is the Holy Spirit. His voice is the one that whispers to our hearts about all we are created to be. He tells us God’s will for us and helps us live out our calling. 


Maybe you aren’t sure where to start. It all starts with growing in your relationship with God, listening to the Holy Spirit so you can live from a place of love instead of fear. How do you get curious and listen to His voice so you can discover your “more”?


You can use this free PDF to get more clarity on your “more.” 


My desire for you is that you will go from simply trying to survive life to truly seeking out what you are made for. My hope is that you can trade guilt and overwhelm for freedom and fulfillment. 


You were made for more.

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