How Physical Health Gives You Freedom


A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post regarding the Holy Spirit. In that post, I explained that He is the ultimate accountability partner on our health journey. 


He is the one accountability partner that will never get tired or ditch you at the last minute. If you’d like to check that post out before continuing, it may be helpful. You can access it here.  


This week I want to dive a little deeper with you on why it’s so important to focus on physical health so we can be used by the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is the one who shares God’s (the Father’s) will with us. It is by growing our relationship with the Holy Spirit that we discover what we are personally created for.


As Christians, we desire to live our lives in integrity with our faith. However, when we focus on deepening our faith, and discovering our purpose, we typically only consider the state of our minds and hearts. 


These things are important. When our minds and hearts are focused on Him, we aren’t as easily thrown off track by the difficult and challenging things of life. We have a greater determination and resiliency.


But we can’t focus solely on our hearts and minds and ignore our bodies. Because it is often the state of our bodies that can sabotage and derail us … emotionally, mentally, and physically.


Just think about it…


Let’s say you haven’t exercised in six months. And one day you feel prompted to help someone across the parking lot at the grocery store who is struggling with their groceries. In that instance, it will be tempting just to ignore them and continue on your way. Running to that person would just be too much effort.


Or let’s say you ate a bunch of sugary sweets last night and woke up with a major headache this morning. If the Holy Spirit puts it on your heart to sit and listen to a women who is crying at work, you may be tempted to ignore that prompting because putting yourself in that situation may make your headache worse.


Your health is important to your work for God.


The state of your health will either better prepare you—or hinder you—in stepping into your calling.  


When we’re living in healthy, capable bodies, we are “fit and ready to do any good work” (2 Timothy 2:21 [AMP version]). The Holy Spirit can call on us and we will respond.

In addition to training our minds and hearts … when we make healthy food choices and when we keep our body moving … we are setting ourselves up to be available to Him. In this way, keeping our bodies healthy is actually a response of love to God because it makes us more available and capable of doing His work. 


Also, the discipline of health actually gives you freedom


How is that possible?


Instead of being trapped in a body that can’t do the things you need it to do, instead of being addicted to foods that make you feel lousy, you can experience the fulfillment and vitality that come from a life fully submitted to God … living in the purpose He has called you to.


Consider the state of your “temple.” 


Is it dark and musty? 


Is it bright and full of life? 


Does your temple need some “spring cleaning” so it’s “fit and ready to do any good work”?


If so, you have the Holy Spirit there to help you along the way. Remember, He is the ultimate accountability partner. 


Our health journey is not only a response of love to Him, but it is also fueled by Him. He can help you do your spring cleaning while you are leaning into Him for a deeper understanding of your calling.


Friend, TRUE Health isn’t about having a certain body or following a specific set of rules. It’s about stepping into the freedom of fully being you. Being the you that you were created to be. And being in good physical health is an important resource on this journey.


To your TRUE Health!

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