Our Primary Calling All Year Round


I’ll be honest. I’ve been feeling a bit stir-crazy lately. 

As another year draws to an end, I’m looking back and wondering if I’ve lived this year to my fullest. Have I really been living out my purpose? Am I on track with where God wants me to be?

In response, God has been whispering to my heart: stop trying to do it all and remember My primary calling.

It’s funny how we can preach messages and then forget them ourselves. I wrote about our primary calling in my book TRUE Health. And yet, I still have to remind myself of this truth!

One of the things I discovered in researching for my book is that our primary calling is being in a love relationship with God. 

Yes, other kingdom responsibilities will come. God will ask us to do specific things for Him. 

But it all begins with the love relationship. This relationship is the framework for our spiritual growth and it is within this relationship that He speaks to us.

And when we get in the midst of questioning things, of feeling restless, of wondering what’s next or what we’re supposed to be doing … all we have to do is stop and focus on this relationship. Clarity and direction will follow.

Maybe you’re finding yourself in a stir-crazy season like mine right now … wondering if you’re measuring up or if you’re doing things “right.” These feelings can be compounded by all of the pressures we’re putting on ourselves surrounding the holidays. 

But it’s okay to stop. It’s okay to rest in the relationship.

It’s often in the moments of rest that our biggest growth occurs.

A big part of being in good health is setting boundaries around the chaos and the stress that bombards us. Often, this stress comes from our own thoughts and expectations.

As you focus on holiday plans, check off your to-do lists, and create resolutions for the new year, remember that you don’t have to have all the answers for what your future will look like. You just have to focus on the love relationship.

This relationship puts you in a mindset of peace and trust … and will lead to clarity about the next step. 

When you are in this mindset, you will experience less stress on your body, more stable emotions, and greater physical health.

Christmas blessings to you, my friend,

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I love supporting you on your health journey. If you haven’t had the chance to check out my book TRUE Health: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Her Body, Loving Her Life, and Loving Her God, you can read more here.


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