Do You Really Need to Take Supplements?


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Today I’m talking about supplements. It seems there are so many conflicting opinions on supplements. There are those who say you should take them, those who say you shouldn’t, and those who say you should take certain kinds and not others. 

It can be confusing.

How do supplements fit into a healthy lifestyle? Or do you even need them if you’re eating healthy?

I’m a huge fan of getting as much of the nutrition as you can from the foods you eat (and vitamin D from spending time in the sunshine!). However, it isn’t always easy to get the nutrients we need, in the amounts we need, from our food alone. 

A lot of even the “healthy” food at the grocery store has been modified or produced in less-than-ideal ways.

So, even if you’re living a healthy lifestyle, I recommend the following vitamins for women on a regular basis:

·      Multi-vitamin

·      Antioxidants (A, C, and E vitamins)

·      Vitamin D3

·      Omega-3 

·      Calcium + Magnesium

·      Vitamin K2

·      B Vitamins

But there’s an important caution here:

Not all supplements are created equal.

The manufacturing of supplements is not very regulated. This means that a lot of supplement manufacturers can use cheap, synthetic ingredients to make a bigger profit. The downside for consumers is that a lot of supplements on the market actually rob your body of vitamins instead of giving your body vitamins. 

As much as possible, you want to avoid synthetic vitamins as they are unnatural and not healthy for you.

One supplement brand I really trust and use myself is Touchstone Essentials. They have a handy reference page that you can print here. This page shows you what the synthetic names are for various vitamins and it also provides you with a list of foods where these vitamins naturally occur.

If you’re interested in checking out the vitamins produced by Touchstone Essentials, check out this page.*

Information on supplements can be confusing. I hope this information gave you a little more clarity. Please comment with any questions below!

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*Please note that I am a distributor for Touchstone Essentials. Should you decide to purchase products from my page, I receive a commission.

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