Why You Should Be Eating Your Greens


Want a quick, easy tip for jumpstarting into a healthier lifestyle right away?


Here it is: eat more greens.


I know, it isn’t very sexy. But it may in fact make you feel sexier!


Eating more greens is amazing for your health. Greens are:

·     Anti-aging

·     Fat-burning

·     Healthy for your heart

·     Anti-diabetic

·     Food for your healthy gut bacteria

·     Protection from toxins

·     A cleanser for your liver (especially bitter greens)

·     Sugar craving crushers

·     Sleep enhancing

·     Digestive system regulators (goodbye constipation!)

·     Fatigue fighters (hello increased energy!)

·     Full of vitamins and minerals


So, what kinds of greens are we talking here?


The nice, dark leafy kind. Let’s face it, iceberg lettuce is not your friend. It basically has no nutritional value. 


…And neither does the single slice of lettuce on your weekly burger. 


Here is a partial list of good healthy greens your body will love (and you’ll feel sexier after eating):

·     Spinach

·     Chard

·     Kale

·     Arugula (a bitter green)

·     Romaine lettuce

·     Dandelion Greens (yes, I know! It’s crazy, but they’re amazing for your liver)

·     Spring greens

·     Watercress (a bit bitter)

·     Leaf lettuce 

·     Radicchio

·     Beet greens (yes the tops off your beets!...your liver loves these!)


The key is to get a wide variety of greens in your diet. You don’t want to simply eat the same types over and over. One of the ways I do this is to buy different mixed varieties of boxed greens at the grocery store. 


And before you start worrying that I’m going to suggest you eat salads all day long, there’s an easier way…


One of the easiest ways to incorporate greens into your diet (especially if you don’t eat them regularly) is to put them in your morning smoothie. This is one of the reasons that a “green” smoothie is something I recommend to my clients as one of the first health changes to make. 



If you aren’t used to eating greens, you may want to start with the milder greens: romaine, spinach, and leaf lettuce. You will barely taste these in a smoothie, especially the spinach.


As you get used to greens, you may want to mix in a little of the bitter greens, like arugula, beet tops or watercress. These are SO good for your liver. All of the fat you eat gets filtered by your liver and these bitter greens help scrub the fat out (goodbye fatty liver!).


How many greens will be optimal for your health?

It’s best to eat several cups a day, along with other veggies. I like to have a green smoothie and also at least one salad each day. I’ve worked up to using 3-4 cups of greens in my smoothie.

Start where you are and see what feels right for you. 

A morning smoothie is a great way to break into the habit of eating greens…and getting all of the amazing health benefits we talked about earlier!

For some ideas on smoothie recipes, check out my Freedom Smoothie and Cashew Berry Protein Smoothie recipes.

I’ll also be sharing more smoothie recipes with the release of my new book: TRUE Health (soon to be published!). To stay up to date, receive freebies and fun info, click here to get signed up for book updates and become a TRUE Health "insider." 



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