Reviving An Old Dream


Guess what arrived in the mail last week! …the first paperback and hard cover copy of my book: 


TRUE Health: A Woman’s Guide to Loving Her Body, Loving Her Life, and Loving Her God.


You may have seen information about my book for past few months. But this journey of writing started years ago. Over 10 years ago, in fact.


Sometimes dreams take a while to grow. Sometimes it’s wise to wait for greater clarity on our dreams. 


However, in my case, it was fear and uncertainty that kept me from listening to the calling God had placed on my heart.


After all…did I have anything new to say?


And how would I even start?


What would my friends and family think? (I’ve always struggled with being visible and don’t like to “stand out.”)


I don’t know what would have happened had I just pushed through the fear back then and started writing.


Maybe you have a similar story. You really wanted to do something or try something new. You had a passion and a desire for it. 


But, for whatever reason, it didn’t happen back then. 


Maybe you’re wondering if now is the time to pick that dream back up again. 


My friend, we serve a God who specializes in redemption. He’s redeemed each of us by giving us new life.


But He can also redeem old dreams. Just like He redeemed my old dream of writing. 


Sometimes, the old dream still works in today’s situation. And sometimes, the old dream may be similar, but look different because we aren’t the same person we were when the dream was born. (A book from me would have looked VERY different 10 years ago!)


If you’ve been considering an old dream, or even feeling the small prick of a new dream, lean into it those tummy butterflies and allow the vision to grow.


As you consider this dream, I strongly encourage you to spend some quiet time with it. My favorite way to spend this quiet time is praying with a journal and pen in my lap. 


It’s necessary to water your dream or it won’t grow.


Intentioned focus is the water and silence gives your dream room to grow because it isn’t crowded out by all of the other noise in your life.


Here are some questions that can be helpful in your quiet time as you figure out how, if, and when to make your dream a reality:


·     Does this dream keep surfacing? Do I think about it often?


·     Have I been given the abilities to fulfill this dream (or can I grow them)?

(Let’s be honest, not all of us can be heavy weight champions or the next American Idol singer!)


·     If I mentioned this dream to those I care about, could they see me doing this?

(Be careful with this one. Sometimes people around you won’t support you even if God is calling you to something.)


·     If I imagined chasing this dream, where would my life be in 6 months…in a year?


·     What would I lose if I say yes to this dream?


·     What would I have to say no to if I say yes to this dream?


·     What would I gain if I said yes to this dream?


·     Do I get a sense of affirmation in my spirit when I think about this dream?


·     What resources can I put toward this dream?


·     Are there experts in my life who can help direct me?


·     Is the Holy Spirit leading me in this direction?


Sometimes, God calls us to dream so big that it scares us. And we may doubt our abilities to chase it. Yet, there is often a knowing that accompanies the scare. This knowing turns the scare into excitement and anticipation. It’s like those little butterflies that turn into a warm excitement inside us.


My friend, life is short. And too often we spend it just allowing things to happen to us instead of steering our course. 


A life of fulfillment is one in which we say “yes” to all we are created to be. And dreams are one way to explore the potential we have been created with.


Happy Dreaming!


To Your TRUE Health,

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P.S. TRUE Health will available October 2018 (just a few weeks!) on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Stay tuned!...



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