Self-Care - An Act Of Love?


This week, I’m speaking to a group of ladies about health and focusing more specifically on the guilt we feel for taking time to care for ourselves.

I think having this information is helpful for all of us, so I thought I’d share it with all of you!

So often, we feel guilty about caring for ourselves (or for self-care).

These are some of the excuses I’ve heard from clients, friends, and family:

·      I don’t have time

·     It’s too confusing

·      I shouldn’t be focused on myself

·     If I focus on self-care, I’m taking away from others

·     God calls me to sacrifice

I’m sure you can come up with some reasons of your own.

Before I share the perspective that God gave me on this, check out all of the benefits of taking care of ourselves.

Being a healthy woman has these benefits:

·     Reduces the risk of disease

·     We have better moods 

·     We have better memories and mental health

·     Increases longevity

·     Increases energy

·     Less risk of being depressed

·     Reduces PMS symptoms  

·     Decreases stress and anxiety

·     Makes us more creative

·     Can reduce allergies

·     Strengthens your heart

·     Strengthens bones and teeth

·     Boosts self-confidence

·     Keeps you richer (decreased medical bills)

If you look at this list, consider how having all of these things affects the people who come into contact with you. When you’re experiencing these things, how do others feel around you? Now, imagine the opposite. How are others affected if you have bad moods, poor mental health and memory, low energy, increased stress and anxiety, increased PMS, etc.?

When we’re in greater health, we positively affect those around us. 

As Christians, this goes even farther …

When we’re in good health, we are supporting the work we’re called to do in this world. When we have the physical strength, mental clarity, level emotions, and spiritual awareness that come with greater health, we’re a stronger force for Kingdom work.

So, rather than being selfish, creating a life and body (or “temple”) of good health is actually one of the most loving things we can do … for those around us and for God. Being in good health allows God to do His work through us.

I was so encouraged by this perspective when God gave it to me!

So, the next time you hear voices telling you (and we know those negative voices often come from the person who doesn’t want us to succeed in carrying out our calling!) … 

·     You’re being selfish

·     God wants you to deprive yourself

·     This will be too hard or take too much time, so don’t even try

… tell those voices:

“I’m caring for myself so I can live out my purpose! I do this because I love God and others.”

Then go live your life in TRUE Health … health that gives God the glory so you can live out all He’s calling you too.

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