Friendships … Good for Your Health?


This past week, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for the friends in my life. I have a close inner-circle of gal pals that I know I can reach out to when I need a shoulder to cry on, when I want to celebrate something exciting, or when a little fun is in order!

Did you know that friendships are actually good for your health? It’s true! 

As I was thinking about my friendships this past week, I wondered what the health benefits of having friends are. So I did a little research. Here is what I found:

 Healthy friendships:

·     Boost immunity

·     Lower stress 

·     Offer support during tough times

·     Give you a sense of purpose and belonging

·     Help you cope with loss and trauma

·     Increase self-confidence

·     Can help you stay accountable with your health & fitness goals

·     Increase happiness

·     Provide a space for healing and growth


With all of these benefits, it’s amazing that many of us don’t spend a lot of time with our friends. While we’re more socially connected than ever, the good, old, face-to-face interactions happen less and less. But they’re so much more powerful than the connections we make through a computer or phone screen.

So … my challenge to you this week is to consider which friend of yours comes to mind when you read the above list of health benefits. Got it?

Okay, now send her an invite to grab a cup of coffee, lunch, or dinner together, and get it on the calendar! 

The great thing about this friend date is that not only will you experience the healthy benefits of her friendship, but she’ll also experience them through you! 

Wishing you meaningful connections this week!

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