Are You Feeding the Right Areas of Your Life?


Often, when we think about nourishing ourselves, we think about food. 


But in actuality, nourishing ourselves goes way beyond food to fulfilling the needs of our souls.


In fact, sometimes we run into trouble with food because the very nourishment we need in the rest of our lives is missing.


Instead of keeping our relationships healthy, we isolate and find ourselves comforted by Ben & Jerry’s.


Instead of pushing into greater levels of occupational satisfaction, we hold back in fear and comfort ourselves with another slice of pizza. 


Sometimes we just don’t know what is off. We feel that something isn’t quite right … that something is missing … but we just don’t know what.


Today, I want to share a little tool with you that will help you recognize which areas of your life need greater nourishment.


It’s what I call the “Fulfillment Wheel” and I share more about it in my book: TRUE Health.


The wheel is an exercise that will help you identify areas of your life that are needing more nourishment so you can feel more satisfied. When we’re nourishing all areas of our lives adequately, we’re less likely to over-compensate with food.


Simply click here, print out the page, and follow the exercise instructions. I hope this brings you more clarity on where you need nourishment in your life so you can experience greater, well-rounded health.

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P.S. I love supporting you in your health! If you haven’t checked out my book, TRUE Health, click here to learn more. It’s chock-full of all things health and wellness related, especially for women, and written from a holistic, Christian perspective.

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