Time For Something New With Your Health?


I celebrated my birthday this week. 


And I was reminded of something: our bodies are always changing.


So often, we get into the mindset of “one right way” to eat healthfully … or to exercise.


In actuality, our bodies never stay the same, so the ways we nourish it should also change over time.


I have to be honest, I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with my diet and exercise. It’s especially easy to do this when we’re busy.


I’ve been trying to stick to a particular plan because it’s something that worked for me in the past and it’s familiar. I’ve also been trying to stick to a particular schedule and type of exercise.


Yet, in clinging to the old way of doing things, I’ve lost touch with what feels good in moving this body and what these taste buds are truly craving. 


My birthday was a reminder that as things change, as we age and grow to have different tastes and preferences, it’s the perfect opportunity to get curious about what we need now … in this moment. Not what we needed in the past year or what worked for us 20 years ago.


So, today I give you permission (not that you really need it from me!) to try something new. If you’re feeling stuck in an area of your health, you don’t have to stay there! Learn what your body is saying to you right now and then switch things up if you need to.


I’m trying some new meals and ways of moving this body. I’m embracing my physical changes as time goes on and learning to treat my body the best way that I can. 


If you’re feeling stuck … or if the old way of doing things just isn’t doing it for you anymore, I’m sharing some of my favorite websites for recipes and favorite YouTube channels for exercise. I hope you’ll check them out and have fun on this journey of discovery.


Recipe Websites:







YouTube exercise channels:


BodyFit by Amy

Yoga with Adriene

Caroline Williams Yoga


Tone It Up

Every new year brings opportunity. Instead of resenting the fact you’re getting older, see it as an opportunity for new experiences and health practices. You just have this one body as it is now. Make the most of your health in this moment!

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