How To Make Your Health Dollars Go Farther!


One thing I often hear from others is how expensive they believe it is to eat healthy.

It’s true that some health foods can be spendy, especially some of the specialty items. But this belief is often a matter of perspective.

Eating healthier will save you money in the long run.

When you fuel your body with foods that don’t make it sick, you will find yourself paying less for medical expenses and care.

AND…eating a healthier diet by preparing foods at home also saves money over going out to eat several nights a week.

When I’m checking out at the grocery store with a cart full of produce, I’m amazed and how much less I spend than when my cart was full of boxed (non-) food.

I found time (over dollars) to be the bigger cost when switching to eating healthier.

Chopping veggies takes longer than dumping frozen chicken nuggets onto a baking tray.

Whisking up a salad dressing takes longer than pulling the lid off a packaged dressing.

Preparing healthy snacks for the week takes longer than throwing snack bars into your bag.

There is something almost magical that happens, however, when you spend the time to make quality food for you and your family. I’ve found it to be cathartic and enjoyable.

And I feel so much more energized and alive eating this way.

My life has gotten exponentially busier over the past few months. Yet, I’ve made a commitment to keep eating well (although not always perfectly). Sometimes this means a little extra prep the night before. Or cutting down on other activities so I can make snacks to be available while I’m running here and there.

Luckily, I’ve found some tricky ways to make my dollars—and hours!—stretch a little farther and I’m sharing these tricks with you.

Simply click below to print of a free PDF of my money-saving, time-saving tips for a healthier lifestyle. These tips come straight from my book, which you can learn more about here.

Money-Saving Time-Saving Kitchen Tips!

I hope you find this list helpful! I’d love to hear any tips you have as well. Simply comment below!

Here’s to your TRUE health,

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