My New Health Journal is Here!


Ever since writing my book TRUE Health, I’ve wanted to offer a health journal to my readers. It’s great to read about healthy living, but how do you put it into practice? This is exactly why I wanted to create a journal.

And … not just any journal. A journal that’s a devotional, health tracker, journal, and to-do list all in one!

No more keeping track of things in several books all day. This journal will allow you to track your health journey for the first 30 days, keep on top of the things you need to do each day, and stay encouraged with uplifting biblical truths and reminders as you take that daily step to focus on what God has for you in your health and life.

I polled my followers to see what items you most wanted in a health journal. I got quite a few responses and I incorporated these wishes into the book in a way that is easy to use and track.

When I debuted the journal at an event in May, it sold out!!

Here’s a full list of what’s included in the journal:

  • A list of basic health guidelines so you have a place to start, especially if you haven’t figured out what works best for you yet

  • An exercise to determine what areas of your life could use a healthy boost!

  • A page to track your monthly cycle

  • A page to track your supplement regimen

  • Weekly goal pages

  • Daily devotional to keep you encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward

  • Faith-based affirmations

  • Daily health tips from my book TRUE Health

  • Daily health tracking items-

    • God time: space to journal what God speaks to your heart as you read the daily devotional

    • Sleep: quality and quantity…how do you feel upon waking?

    • Workout: get that body moving and then brag about it!

    • To-Do list: a complete list and then a smaller list of just the top 3 things that absolutely must get done today

    • Hydration: drink up!

    • Meals/Snacks/Dessert

    • Reflections: how did you feel overall today?

    • Celebrations: what are you proud of accomplishing today, no matter how small?

    • Self-care: how did your nourish your soul?

There’s something powerful about actually writing in a journal. Physically writing helps your brain to process what is happening in your life. And once you complete the 30 days, you’ll have a rich source of information you can look back at to notice patterns …

Where you tired on days you didn’t hydrate well?

Where you energized on days you worked out?

A journal is a fabulous way to get more tuned into your body and what it needs to be healthy. Because, let’s face it … there’s only one you. Let the journey of personal health discovery begin!

You can check out the journal here.

I love supporting you on your health journey. This journal is just one more way I can do that. :)

To your TRUE Health,

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