3 Steps to Loving your Body


It’s hard to accept my body as it is. I see messages all around showing me what I should look like. I know in my head that sales ads are designed to make me feel badly about my body so I will purchase their products. But even when I know this, emotionally it’s not easy to shake off the feeling that I’m not enough. 

I’ve been receiving these messages since I was young…

It’s been a long subconscious training of my mind that I never look like I should. But each time I buy that “miracle” product, it doesn’t make me look like what it promises.  When I lose weight, I still have wide hips and broad shoulders.  I still have loose skin on my belly from being a mom. 

The sad thing about being discontent with our bodies is thatit spreads to other areas of life. It affects our relationships. We compare ourselves to friends and social acquaintances. We feel self-conscious around our husbands. Our kids see us trying diet after diet…and our daughters notice. 

Discontent also affects our work. We feel less confident about ourselves, which means we don’t take risks or really go for the job we want.  We don’t speak up in meetings or put our great ideas out there so they can be realized.

When we dislike our bodies, our exercise is less effective. In the back of our minds, there is this belief that it really isn’t making a difference. So on the days we don’t really want to work out, it’s easier to give ourselves an out…because working out isn’t making us perfect anyways.

And when we’re discontented with ourselves, it causes us to shy away in our spiritual life as well.  We don’t show up fully. Instead we try to keep doing it all on our own and don’t realize that tremendous strength and love is available if we just stop and open our hands and hearts.

Being in this state of discontent with our bodies can take up a lot of our mental energy and it keeps us from truly living

So how do we break free?

Here are three steps to loving the skin you’re in so you can experience more positivity in all life areas:

  1. Accept that this is your body.

Your body is your body. You can’t look like that woman over there.  But you can work toward being the healthiest, most vibrant version of you there is! Staying stuck in negativity about yourself is a waste of your precious time in this world…so let’s start enjoying our lives.

  1. Commit to care for your body.

Taking care of our bodies is so important if we are to live truly meaningful lives. Often we get trapped in the negativity of discontent because our bodies are hurting physically. When we improve our physical health, our emotional health has better soil in which to grow and thrive. And you are unique so your health journey will not be the same as anyone else’s.

  1. Use your intuition.

Your body has innate wisdom about what it needs most. So instead of listening to the voices that tell you which protein bar or magic drink to consume, spend some silent moments with your body, tuning in to what it wants…

More sleep?

Fresh, whole foods?


A hug?

When you become an expert in listening to your body, and giving it what it needs, you’ll feel more radiant and confident so you can tackle the rest of life. And when you physically feel like a rockstar, you’ll find you don’t even notice those negative voices around you because you’re too busy enjoying being you!

If you’re tired of being dissatisfied with your body, feeling stuck in your life, and you want to get into a positive mindset that will help you be all you know you can be, I’d encourage you to schedule a free strategy session with me by clicking here. In this strategy session, we’ll take a look at why you’re stuck, how to get unstuck, and what your best next steps are to experience a total transformation in your health and life.

 Here’s to Loving the Skin You’re In,