Cashew Berry Protein Smoothie


Good Morning Beauties!  Let’s get this day started off right with a nourishing, filling breakfast smoothie!This smoothie has berries, greens, protein and a good amount of healthy fats to keep your energy up and hunger at bay so you can attack your morning and knock out cravings.

Here’s the recipe:

Cashew Berry Protein Smoothie

Serves 1


1 cup almond milk

(I like the Silk brand and get the unsweetened, regular version.  Silk does not use carrageenan as a thickening agent.)

3 handfuls mixed greens

(I used the Power Greens from Costco. This mix contains baby chard, baby kale, and baby spinach. Raw greens are an important part of a healthy diet. Blending them up in a smoothie is a great alternative to eating a ton of salads all day. You can also freeze your greens to be used in smoothies later!)

1 Tbsp cashew butter (or another nut butter, but preferably not peanut butter)

(This nut butter is full of healthy fats which are great for your brain and keep hunger at bay. I used the Artisana brand I purchased at It only contains organic raw cashews…no unnecessary fillers or toxic oils!)

1 serving of protein powder

(I use Organic Super Protein by Touchstone Essentials.  It includes a superfood protein blend plus a digestive blend with flax seed, chia seed, and coconut oil. A super food powerhouse! To learn more, click here.)

¾ c frozen mixed berries (use less to decrease the sugar content if desired)

(I used mainly blackberries because it’s what I had on hand. Blackberries are high in vitamin C, high in A, E, K, and B vitamins, a great source of fiber, high in antioxidants and minerals and low in sugar.)

Optional:  a few drops of stevia (flavor of your choice), if you need more sweetness. (I like the SweetLeaf brand.)



Pour almond milk into your blender (I use a Vitamix, which is high-powdered and great for breaking down greens and frozen ingredients.)

Add the mixed greens and blend until the greens are broken down into tiny pieces (think sawdust-sized). (Tip: greens will break down much better if you just mix them with your liquid before adding the rest of your ingredients.)

Add the frozen berries, cashew butter and protein powder. Blend until smooth.

*Tip:  This recipe can be made the night before to save time in the morning. Just store it in the fridge after blending everything together. Be sure to drink it within 24 hours for the best taste and freshness.


Yes, it’s that easy!If you have 5 minutes, enjoy your smoothie while journaling your thoughts for the day ahead. Remember to include gratitude, dreams and reflection.

Now that you have amazing physical and emotional food, you're ready to tackle your day!

Here's to Loving the Skin You're In,

Nutrient Information:

Calories:  282

Fat: 12.35g

Saturated Fat: 1.75g

Carbs: 22.8g (mostly all from the greens and berries)

Fiber: 6.8g

Net Carbs: 16g

Sugar: 7g

Protein: 25.8g

Once you make your smoothie, I’d love to hear your feedback. And if you changed up the recipe, please share what you added or substituted in the comments below!