Enjoy Your Life!


I have a little secret for you…a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be painful and difficult. Often when we think about being healthy, we start to imagine all of the things we’ll have to give up. That we’ll have to deprive ourselves of all the things we love and bravely forge ahead through a life of restrictions and regulations…eating food we don’t like and doing exercise we don’t enjoy.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

When we are in this mindset of depravity, we’re really setting ourselves up for failure. This is because we can’t force ourselves to do things we don’t enjoy long-term. And this is why most diets fail in the first six months.

You see, we naturally gravitate to doing things that are more enjoyable. So, I say…ENJOY life! This includes your health journey.

You see, the challenge with trying to deprive ourselves is that sooner or later, we can’t stand it anymore and then we can wind up sabotaging our efforts.

Sometimes we break into a big binge and eat all of the unhealthy things in sight. Sometimes we numb ourselves with a Netflix binge. Sometimes we go on a big spending spree. All of these things are meant to fill the void we’ve created by not allowing ourselves to enjoy our health and life.

If we instead allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasures of life that we’ve been given,we are less likely to feel to need to binge or rebel against a healthy lifestyle.

So, what does enjoying our life more look like?

Here are a few examples:

  • Soaking in the sunshine…close your eyes, turn your face toward heaven, smile and feel the warmth.
  • Giggling with a girlfriend over a cup of coffee. Being present and truly involved and interested in the conversation.
  • Enjoying an ice cream cone with your kid or grandkid…lick, lick, licking away together!
  • Reading a good book and not worrying that you’re “wasting time.”
  • Soaking in the tub with some Epsom salt, essential oils, candles lit, and relaxation music going. Just because you’re worth all the fuss.
  • Taking down your guard with your spouse and truly loving him.

When you enjoy these beautiful moments life has to offer, you’re less likely to go seeking enjoyment in a bag of Swedish fish or Doritos.

You were made for pleasure. So, don’t hold out on yourself.

Are there any areas where you’ve been depriving yourself instead of enjoying what you’ve been given?

What is one thing you can do this week to experience more enjoyment? Comment below!

To your TRUE Health,