Freedom Smoothie!


Hey there, Beautiful!  

This week I’m talking about freedom. I love this shift in perspective on health because we get to flip our typical perspective upside down on its head.


Usually, when we think about freedom and health, we think about all of the things we are free to eat…meaning we can eat all.the.things.


You know…ice cream, potato chips, pizza, twinkies…you get the idea.


But, let’s take that and make a 180-degree flip! What if you realized that you are free in your health when you aren’t held captive to those foods anymore?


Whoa…yeah, I know. Crazy idea. But it’s so true!


You see, when we are addicted to sugar, when we can’t stop eating the whole bag of Cheetos, when fast-food is our typical dinner, we aren’t free. And instead of these tasty, easy foods making our days easier, they make them SO much harder. We lose our energy, we get headaches and we just overall don’t feel so awesome.


Instead, when we feed our bodies healthy, nourishing food, we feel amazing and we break free from being imprisoned by the foods that don’t love us back.


Here’s a great way to start off your day to keep you walking in freedom (and not being captured by all.the.things).

I call this the freedom smoothie because you’re really free to put whatever you want into it. Just follow these simple guidelines to make sure your smoothie makes you feel amazing and keeps you satisfied!


Freedom Smoothie:


1 cup nut milk (almond, cashew, coconut…just look for unsweetened)

1 large handful greens (if you’re new to this, start with spinach…you’ll hardly taste it!)

1 TBSP healthy fat (like nut butter, chia seeds, flax seeds, or coconut oil)

1 serving protein powder (either whey, like this or plant-based, like this)

Up to 1/3 cup fruit, optional (berries are a great low-sugar fruit!)

1 tsp superfood powder, optional (I like maca root or goji berry!)


Place nut milk and greens in the blender. Blend until greens are finely chopped. Add in fruit (if using) and blend until smooth. Add healthy fat, protein powder, and superfood powder (if using). Blend again until smooth.


Put in a fancy straw, sip and enjoy!


I'd love to hear how you made your smoothie. Share below!