Health Lessons from Alaska


I recently returned home from a two-week vacation to Alaska. We stayed on Prince of Wales Island in a small community of less than 100 people.


This was my first trip to Alaska. I loved the mountains and the scenery. But I sometimes found it challenging to stay on track with my health and wellness rituals.

The trip reminded me that being healthy isn’t difficult, but it can be challenging in certain situations.

Here are three health lessons I learned in Alaska:

1.Don’t let the little things keep you from regularly exercising.

It’s so tempting to let the weather or other small inconveniences stop us from heading out to move our bodies.This was certainly true for me while in Alaska. It was wet and rainy for over half our trip. There were bears that frequently traveled the local roads! On the days we were at our cabin, I stayed inside frozen with fear that a bear might attack me while on a run or walk. Then one day I decided that I needed to get outside and get moving or I would feel fatigued and sedentary for the rest of the trip. So, I ventured out and it felt great to overcome my fear and do it anyway.

2.If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

This is a popular phrase you’ve probably heard before. Access to health food in Alaska is pretty limited. I packed a few things I thought I’d use up there, but realized that my planning wasn’t well thought out and I wound up eating a lot of the same foods over and over and then being tempted to eat foods that aren’t good for me.  I’m already making a list of foods I’ll pack for the next time we travel up. When we plan ahead, we’re much more likely to stick to our health goals.

3.Mindset begins with me.

There were days the kids were fighting and I just felt tired and overwhelmed by being in a small space. We also didn’t have phone or texting available. Internet connection was available here and there, but only for short periods of time and it was VERY slow moving. Often when I feel overwhelmed or stressed or frustrated, I’ll turn to inspirational YouTube videos or posts from some of my favorite motivational authors. But since I didn’t have that luxury on this trip, I made a mental effort to stay positive for myself and the mood of the family. I started my days with a prayer and got clear and centered before the chaos began.

I hope this post encourages you that it is possible to stick to our health goals, even in unfamiliar places. I’d love to hear from you... what tips and tricks you use while away from home? Comment below with your suggestions!