How to Create Personal White Space


Hello Lovely.

Today I’ve been thinking about white space.  In a few days, I’ll be heading for Alaska on a two-week trip. I’ll have some coverage on my cell phone and very limited access to internet.  This makes me both nervous and excited.

You see…I’m a pretty driven person.  A part of me worries about what I’ll do without the ability to hop online whenever I want or to check my social media. After all, I’m trying to grow a business and I feel the pressure to keep myself visible.  But I also know that without some sort of roadblock like this to keep me “unplugged”, I can get overwhelmed and burned out. And it can be a challenge for me to get much-needed time for mindfulness and spiritual connection in everyday life.

Did you know that our devices and social media are actually designed to keep us addicted and tied to them for a large part of our days?  While I’m not against them (I love being connected to people all over the world!), being too connected can have serious consequences…in our relationships, in our productivity and in our sense of satisfaction.

It’s easy to get sucked into half an hour of Facebook time when we only intended to spend 5 minutes scrolling through our News Feed.  Sometimes the excitement of seeing what others are up to can interfere with family and friend time…real face-to-face time.

And it can leave us feeling envious and unsatisfied with our own life because others seem to have perfect lives based on what they post online.

So I’m inviting you to get curious…

When you consider the time you spend on social media, or surfing the web, how does it keep you from showing up for yourself in real life? 

  • Does it help you stay distracted so you can avoid facing something in your life?
  • Does it give you a sense of significance when others “like” and comment on your posts?

This week I encourage you to get curious about how spending too much time “plugged in” may be keeping you from living out all that you can be in your life.  A great place to begin is by creating personal white space in your schedule.

In art, white space is the area of the canvas that is untouched, unmarked. Sometimes we just need some "unmarked" time in our days as well.

This white space can be time spent in prayer, journaling, in quiet contemplation, or a walk through nature…whatever helps you to quiet the noise and untangle thoughts.

Here’s the challenge…

Pick one day this week. Schedule in a 15-minute block of time called “white space.” During your white space time, turn off your phone (or keep it in an area where you can’t get to it or hear it) and stay offline. Go somewhere you can be alone and won’t be interrupted. Choose an activity that will give you space for reflection. Notice your surroundings, connect with God, practice deep breathing.

When your 15 minutes is up, notice how you feel…

  • Did you learn anything new about yourself?
  • Did something difficult open up for you?  How can you support yourself in working through it?
  • Did you feel a sense of calm? 
  • Did you begin to dream about what you want to create in your life?

Take the feelings of your white space back into the rest of your day.  When you need a break, or begin to feel overwhelmed, close your eyes and think back to your white space experience.

I’m here to support you on your health journey.  I’d love to hear what you learned during your 15 minutes of white space. Simply comment below!

Here’s to Loving the Skin You’re In,