How to Overcome Exercise Challenges


Hello Beautiful-

The Fall weather is coming on quickly. I love this time of year. The heat of summer fades into colors of orange and red and the cozy sweaters and boots come out.

Some Fall days are absolutely beautiful. This morning, however, I awoke to pouring rain and wind. The rain is great because we’ve had a lot of wildfires in this area, but it also discouraged me from getting out and jogging like I’d planned.

This got me to thinking about how easy it is for us to let our plans get derailed if we don’t prepare for obstacles. We all know that bad weather will hit, but how many of us make a backup plan for getting our exercise in when it actually does? Exercising outdoors is great for our peace of mind, stress reduction and feeding our souls. But it isn’t always possible or safe to exercise this way.

So here’s my challenge to you…

Prepare for weather obstacles (or really any exercise obstacles) ahead of time by creating a list of 3-5 things you can do to get your movement in. Then when your regular movement option isn’t available or you’re having trouble motivating yourself to do it, you can look at your list and select something different. The important thing is that you keep moving. And sometimes that means allowing your plans to change and still have options that are enticing.

Your list can even include a “do it anyways!” option…like when it rains and you decide you’ll still go for a walk but just wear a rain-resistant jacket.

Maybe it means you’ll go to the gym when it’s cold and icy out.

Or maybe you’ll select an indoor HIIT session instead of running in 95-degree heat.

Whatever is on your list, make sure the activities are things you truly enjoy. This will be as healthy to your heart and mind as it is for your body. And we all want our health journey to be enjoyable, otherwise we have a hard time sticking to it long term.

What are 3-5 things you enjoy that will become your backups when an unexpected or un-motivating obstacle comes up? Comment and share your ideas below!

If you want even more support on your health journey, working with a health coach may be the next best step for you. For more information, check out my blog post on working with a coach.

Here’s to Loving the Skin You’re In,