Nervous About Working With a Health Coach?


We all like the idea of bringing something positive into our lives.  We dream about what our future selves will look like when we are able to do something we’ve been training for or when we finally reach that goal we’ve always wanted to achieve.

But when we are sitting in reality, considering making a move toward that future, somehow we can’t get our bodies to move in the right direction.  Thinking about doing something is so much easier than physically bringing it into reality.

The idea of working with a health coach can be exciting as you think of what a healthier lifestyle would look like…or how you’ll feel when you shed your outer skin to let the real you take center stage.

Then, almost as suddenly as you start dreaming, your brain takes over and all of these questions make you stop dead in your tracks…

“What if I have to give up foods I love?”

“I bet a healthier lifestyle will be a ton of work!  Who has the time for that?”

“Eating healthy is so expensive. I'll probably have to buy all kinds of weird foods I can’t pronounce!”

“My family and friends will judge me. What if I start experiencing awesome changes in my body and health and they resent me?”

“The only quiet time I get is when I’m in the bathroom...and sometimes not even then! A health coach will probably expect me to do have oodles of time for exercise and food prep.”

…and on it goes.

These kinds of thoughts are completely natural whenever we think of doing something new.  This is because our brain will do everything it can do to keep us from making changes. This is how it protects us.  The brain figures that since you haven’t died doing things the way you have always done them, there is no need to change.

You may be tired, depleted, depressed and anxious. But as long as your heart is still ticking, the brain will say “see, everything is working just fine!”

Good news! Your brain can rest easy because the answers to the questions above are “No.”

When you work with a health coach, it does not have to turn your life upside down or be so difficult that it will hurt your relationships with those around you.  As a health coach, I do not have a prescribed set of rules I make my clients follow.  Nor do I set the plan for your health. 

This is because YOU are the expert on yourself.  So, when we work together, we make a plan that will get you to where you want to go…in a way that works with everything else going on in your life. 

You do NOT have to go to yoga classes and meditate 7 days a week (and I’ll be honest…most weeks, I don’t even do these one time!).  You will not have to run ultra-marathons or give up chocolate or carbs.

In my work with clients, we decide together what is realistic, easy and fun. Because, let’s face it…it’s much easier to make habits out of things we enjoy and that work with real life than trying to make habits out of things we hate.

If you’re feeling exhausted, depleted and disconnected from yourself and those around you…

If your gut is telling you that you aren’t living the life you were meant to live…

Allow yourself to dream of a whole new level of strength, beauty, energy, and confidence you can experience by working with a health coach to create the lifestyle you want, which can include experiencing peak health, deep harmonious relationships, a solid financial foundation and a fulfilling career.

Before your brain stops you and keeps you in the same old patterns that are keeping you stuck, make a heart decision to move forward and explore all that can be yours.

If this sounds like what you’ve been searching for, simply click here  to schedule a FREE strategy with me. In this session, we’ll discover what’s holding you back and keeping you stuck so you can let out the real you and start to love the skin you’re in.