Sleep Yourself Skinny


Hello Beautiful.

Today I want to share with you a not-so-well-known weight loss secret...

You know the scenario.  You’ve been eating well and exercising regularly. But when you step on the scale, you find the number hasn’t moved.  Or worse…it’s gone up.

How can this be happening when you’re doing all the right things? It just doesn’t make sense!

The fix for this problem may be simpler than you think.

Did you know that you burn most of your fat when you sleep?  To be more specific, you burn fat when you are in your deepest (delta) sleep. [1]

We’ve all been trained to burn calories through exercise…and exercise IS important. But that’s because it leads to sounder sleep… your body will crave the down time to repair and recover, using stored body fat. [2]

The key is to get 7-9 hours of sleep each evening. This allows your body to go through enough sleep cycles for adequate rest and fat burning. [1]

I get it. Evenings are great for relaxing after the kids have gone to bed. Or unwinding after a stressful day of work and binge watching episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. 

Unfortunately, these "indulgences" can rob you of what your body needs for you to function at your best.

In addition to burning fat, there are other benefits of getting good sleep:

1. It keeps your insulin and cortisol levels in check. [3]

2. It reduces cravings during the day. [3]

3. Having enough sleep helps you make better choices throughout the day. [3]

4. It keeps insulin sensitivity regulated. [3]

5. It keeps your immunity up so you can keep sickness away. [4]

6. It increases your lifespan. [4]

The next time you find yourself standing on the scale in frustration, consider how much quality sleep you’re getting. This simple step can have a big impact on your weight loss efforts.

If you’d personally like to explore this further and get to the bottom of what is keeping you from burning fat, click here to schedule a free discovery session with me.

Here’s to Loving the Skin You’re In,


  1. Dr. Eric Berg. (2017). Health Coach Certification Program.