Why you need a Health Coach


The term “Health Coach” can be really confusing. 

There are a lot of health professionals out there: healthcare practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, registered dieticians, chiropractors, counselors, therapists and medical doctors. These health professionals provide a lot of information and assessments, but this knowledge won't change your lifestyle. You need to be able to follow through on the information once you walk out their office door.

There is where your health coach comes in! A Health Coach is also knowledgeable about nutrition and uses assessment tools. But the biggest role of a Health Coach is being a Master of Habit Change.

I help my clients achieve habit change through:

1. Re-wiring thought patterns

This isn’t as painful as it sounds…no pliers or electricity required! What I’m here to help you with is to change the way you think about food, your body and lifestyle. Our lifestyle challenges are supported by our current habitual thought patterns and beliefs. In my coaching program, we work to re-wire these patterns without trying to force change through willpower and effort. My clients tell me they realize after working together for the first few weeks that their mindset around these things has changed without their having to consciously think about it. Pretty incredible!

2. Sustained Motivation

We all know what it’s like to make a new resolution to improve our health.  We’re determined that THIS TIME things will finally be different. We ask a friend to be an accountability partner and we dive in with excitement. Fast forward a week or two and…motivation fizzles, our accountability partner seems too busy to keep partnering with us and all of a sudden we’re back to square one.  As a health coach, I am here to help you link your goals to the motivation behind them to make new habit changes more compelling and sustainable.

3. Follow-Through

Following through on a plan of action can be difficult to maintain. A health coach helps you create conditions for inevitable success so you don’t fall back into old patterns and keep getting more of what you don’t want. A key to success is making the program we create together fit in with your REAL life.  It’s not fun or sustainable to try to keep up with a program that doesn’t consider your lifestyle, family and friends.  You shouldn’t have to choose between your health plan and a night out. I help you make this process sustainable, easy and fun!

We can all use someone in our lives that holds space for us to step into the best version of ourselves. Someone who doesn’t judge, but who meets us where we are with curiosity and believes that we are capable and beautiful until we believe it ourselves. This is what a Health Coach is.

If you struggle with implementing the health changes you'd like to see in your life, working with a Health Coach may be the answer you've been searching for.

What is your greatest challenge in making habit changes?  Post a comment below and let me know!

Here’s to Loving the Skin You’re In,